Ohio Valley Wrestling tv taping report

From PWInsider.com:

Dean Hill went to the front of the desk for an interview, and called out “Ironman” Rob Conway, who came out in street clothes, to a big pop. Even this stuff was very hard to hear, usually when they tape the TV, then they have the speakers on, not tonight. Conway plugged an OVW house show in his hometown of New Albany, Indiana on Saturday Oct. 23rd, and the “Homecoming 2″ show he and Nick Dinsmore are putting on at Davis arena on Tuesday, Oct. 26th. The Elite(Adam Revolver & Ted McNaler) came out and interrupted Conway, saying they are about the now in OVW, not the past. McNaler said something about Conway’s mother, and Conway slapped the taste out of his mouth, I mean a hard slap. The Elite beat Conway down, but Rudy Switchblade made the save. This set up a tag match for tonight, The Elite vs Conway & Switchblade, which I think they said would be the TV main event.

4. Rob Conway & Rudy Switchblade beat The Elite

Like I said, Conway got changed quickly, and what I believe was the TV main event was on. A popular former ref returned to duty here, and got a big pop from the crowd. I think his name was Chris Kay, but don’t hold me to that. Conway & Switchblade hit the ring running, and the match hit the ground running. Conway is still in very good shape. The wily McNaler managed to knock both Switchblade and Conway off the apron, then beat on Switchblade hard on the floor. Switchblade took the heat. The finish saw Switchblade hit a Frogspash, with an assist as Conway helped throw him off the top rope, and the makeshift team of Conway & Switchblade scored a clean win over The Elite. Not that it was a huge upset or anything, but still a bit of an odd result. Dean Hill left at this point, everything else was dark matches.

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