My sincere apologies

I honestly do sincerely apologise for not updating the site for as long as I have. For a while, I didn’t actually have internet access so whenever I needed to check my email etc, I was resorting to using the free Wi-Fi at my local McDonalds, but even then, I would only be able to use approximately 50MB of data before having to leave then go back.

In the interim, I am aware that Rob is now the NWA champion. I have found out via a third party that Rob would like for me to update the site again now that he is NWA champion so I will do my very best to accommodate his wishes. I still have a lot of pictures from Rob’s WWE days to upload to the site’s image gallery and that is something that will be happening when time allows me to do so. I am still very thankful that I am able to update the site’s image gallery because all the pictures that will be uploaded are on the portable hard drive that suffered some water damage as a result of the February 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. Thankfully, said portable hard drive still does work so the image gallery will be updated when I get the chance.

Also, the fanlisting for Rob will end up with a new layout but, again, that will happen when time allows me to do so.

Again, I do apologise for the delay in updating the site and I will be updating it when I get the chance to.

Stephanie :)

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13 - JCW TV Taping - Southgate, Michigan
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