Raw 08.09.03 caps now up

I have finally uploaded the caps from Raw on 8 September 2003 to the site’s image gallery. Rob, La Résistance, Rodney Mack and Mark Henry teamed up against The Dudleys, Rosey and The Hurricane. This is the match that featured the infamous table incident involving Spike Dudley.

Raw 08.09.03: here

Converting the site

Just posting to let you know that I will be working on converting the site over to WordPress in my free time from work. You won’t see anything funky in the meantime as I want it to be ‘just right’ before I officially switch the site over.

This also means that there will be updates to the image gallery too.

New image gallery layout

I’ve just changed the image gallery layout but I will be tweaking it a bit to suit my tastes ;) . The URL for it hasn’t changed and I do plan on uploading lots of Rob pictures to it very soon.

Summerslam 2003 rewind

After Sunday Night Heat, the pay-per-view event began with a tag team match for the World Tag Team Championship where the champions, La Résistance, defended their titles against The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von). Throughout the match, both teams performed many offensive maneuvers, though The Dudley Boys were able to gain the upper hand when they executed a flapjack and cutter combination on Duprée. As D-Von covered Duprée, Rob Conway was disguised as a cameraman and hit D-Von with a camera while the referee was distracted. Duprée then covered D-Von for a successful pinfall, in the process retaining the World Tag Team Championship for his team.

SummerSlam 2003 pictures: here

Gallery update

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